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Audio Visual Equipment Rentals

Electro Voice SXA 360 Powered Speakers

500 watts each

$85 ea. per da 

Yorkville Elite Powered Sub Woofer

$65 ea. per day

Epson Power Lite 7250 XGA Projector


$99.00 / Day

Big Screens


call for pricing

ViewSonic VG930m TFT Computer Monitor

$40.00 / Day

      Phonic Mixing Console


$50.00 per day

Sure sm58 Wireless Hand Held Microphone


$65.00 per day

Sure sm58 Wired Hand Held Microphone


$20.00 per day

American DJ Pocket Scan Intelligent DMX Lighting

    call for pricing

American DJ Warp Light

$40.00 per day

Denon Dual CD Player


$55.00 per day

Denon Dual Cassette Player

$45.00 per day


NEW! Karaoke rentals for home entertaining!

Professional Karaoke System

The RSQ Festival is an all-in-one design that combines a multi-format player, a digital karaoke and instrument mixer with a 200 watt digital amplifier. Whether you are a Karaoke enthusiast, a performing musician or both, it offers unparalleled features and performance for everyone. Never before has a portable system been this versatile. With powerful mixing capabilities, plenty of power, and the NK-2000U as the player, you'll be able to take this anywhere and do anything.
This Mobile Karaoke Entertainment System is simply the best system in its class for portable systems. The powerful 2-way 4 speaker cabinet has two  7" woofers, and two 3" tweeters to produce clean booming sound. 


Turn your party into an event!


 $149.00 PER weekend / $210.00 PER week

 Features 200 watt built in amplifier and speakers

 Easy to set up and operate

 Lyrics are displayed on your TV

 2 high quality shure microphones

 Echo, delay and pitch control

 Includes Hundreds of popular songs and 2 microphones

          What you see :) color hi-lighted superimposed lyrics in sync with the music.

          What you hear! The complete music track* to your favorite songs

          without the lead vocal.

          What you do? Pick up the microphone and follow

          the lyrics. Our Karaoke Rentals are great fun for any event.

          We Use SuperCDG, DVD and CDG Karaoke Equipment.

          All discs are produced in high quality sound.  These are real people playing real instruments,

          not computer generated MIDI files.



Choose from one of the two available song lists

Choice Number One - 1 Super Disc   Click here for downloadable excel song list_1


Choice Number Two  Click here for downloadable excel song list _2

 Available on Request French songs on 5 cdg  French Karaoke song Listing

 *not original artists.

 Call 514-636-2535


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